Human Resource Management Role & Importance


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DATE - 18 JAN 24

What are Human Resources in Today’s World?

In the early days of HRM, its responsibilities were limited to only managing people through hiring, evaluating, training, and compensating employees. But today, HRM plays an important role for the company as it provides assets in the form of resources who work with their intelligence and expertise to increase profits for the company by taking it to great heights. As management professionals, they ensure that employees are satisfied with their employment conditions and assist in resolving any problems related to their work that may arise. It helps the company succeed by providing better services and producing better goods.

HRM’s Role

Human resources management aims to attract new employees with new skills to the organization. They guide employees by providing direction when necessary. HRM is a department that focuses on staff related issues like hiring, performance management, organizational development, training, occupational health and safety, motivation incentives, communication, workplace culture and the environment.


A high-functioning organization knows that its success depends on the knowledge and skills of its employees. In order to maintain a competitive edge, organizations need to manage human capital properly.

There are four major areas of HRM:

Planning, Staffing, Employee development and Employee maintenance.

The aim of the Human Resource Department

1. The goal is to develop a workforce that is capable of achieving the organization's objectives.

2. Ensure a healthy working environment and healthy relationships among all members of the organization.

3. To combine employees as per their interests, knowledge and goals matching that of the company.

4. To give employees the right opportunity to grow with the organization.

5. Wages and benefits should be fair and satisfactory to employees.

6. Providing appropriate training programs.



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