Paranormal Activity - True Event


P - 378

DATE - 22 FEB 24

One day while working as the secretary to the director of a company, the director's wife, who was running a music school, asked me to work with her. By the time she found a new secretary, Madam asked me to work for a few days as her secretary. The thought that came into my mind was that I should give my best as my boss has trusted me and asked me to help her wife. I gave my best and after working for a few days I found myself trapped in as she dropped the idea to recruit a new secretary and when I asked her about it she replied if you want to work you have to work here or else your boss will also not take you. As you have given your best, so I don’t want you to leave the job. Slowly her behaviour changed. School's timing was from 3:00 PM but she told me to come by 10:30 and that I must open the school as no one will come before me. One day when I came to the work place I felt something unusual, at the entrance there was a door which can only be opened if someone opens it from inside or through fingerprint from outside but what I saw literally horrified me as the door automatically opened and I was sitting in front of it and straight toward the door was one room and I saw that door also opened and then closed and after few minutes the things repeated in front of me but in the reverse order. 

I was terrified as no one else was there inside. The only thought that came to me was to pray to God. I shared this event with my colleagues and the teachers, and they said that they have also heard about these things as before the school at the same place 3 companies tried to setup but none of them were able to continue for even half a year.

I told this to the driver ji who was working with the director since long and he told me that even if you have experienced it yourself do not talk about it. I asked him why no puja was performed inside the school. Driver ji was discussing with me about this and suddenly a bulb blast. It flew and fell near to him, and he was saved from a bit. He also told me that whenever the director must come to the school, she made him sit in the school and asked him not to go anywhere till the time she is there. 

There was a practice room inside the school and one day the singing teacher was practicing and was playing her harmonium and no one else was there inside that room. She suddenly heard that the drums had started to play on their own. She came running outside and was so much scared that she did not want to stay in the school.

I worked there for 1 and a half years and then left the school. Till the time I was there I found that the number of students started decreasing day by day and now I don’t know whether that school is still there or not.

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