Attendance management in the corporate world - Geo-Fencing & Geo-Tagging


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DATE - 26 SEP 23

Geo-fencing is a type of virtual predetermined boundary that is created around the workplace to prevent employees from violating workplace boundaries. It tracks employee locations on Google Maps.

Geo-tagging enables you to mark attendance in a specific area. Latitude and longitude are usually included in the data. For example, this application is ideal for a company that specializes in sales since it will monitor employees on the move rather than assuming, so the company can be more productive and the employer can know the status of employees in real time. This will also help the company keep track of their expenses, as employees will be held accountable for any money spent on travel. Additionally, geo-tagging can provide insights into customer behavior, as it is possible to track customer locations and movements.

Geo-Fencing and Geo-Tagging can be run in two ways through PWA & Native Application.

Native Mobile Application – It is an application that is developed for one particular operating system. The app must be downloaded from the Play Store and installed on your mobile device, and many users are uncomfortable downloading these applications because of the space they consume.

Progressive Web Application – It is similar to a platform-specific app. You do not have to download it on your mobile phone instead you can directly access it through the web and its page gets automatically adjusted to the size of your device. It is user friendly as well. So many people prefer using PWA instead of Native Mobile Application because it is less costly and it is convenient for users to access it from any device (both laptop and mobile phone).


Both applications are compatible with Android and iPhone. PWA can reach a wider audience than native apps. PWA are more accessible than native applications, as they can be accessed on any device with a web browser. Native apps, on the other hand are limited to a particular platform and require users to download and install the app before they can use it


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